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airbrush tanning salon parker colorado

Parker's Airbrush Tanning Professionals
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Get that beach tan without the beach!

  • Perfect for the prom!
  • Provides "everyday color"
  • Great for weddings & all other occasions

Airbrush Tans at Ann's is unlike any other spray tan in Parker. We think of your airbrush tan as more of a spa service rather than your typical spray-on tan, so we use the more precise airbrush rather than the HVLP system most salons use. Our method insures that you'll be beautifully bronzed with an odorless, feather light solution that is dry before you leave.

Our skilled technician can customize your tan anywhere from a light golden glow to a deep Brazilian bronze and will determine your color dependent on your skin color and your desired outcome. There are 27 bronze shades with 3 different depths of color. Let our experienced technician pick the one that matches your exclusive skin tone and let us know the shade you'd like to be: light, medium or dark. Add a hint of "Summer Shimmer" for an all over Hollywood glow with extra radiance. The color will always be natural and never orange

airbrush tanning salon parker colorado


1 Tan   $55

3 Tans  $149

6 Tans  $269

parker colorado airbrush tanning salon

Remember, your Airbrush Tan is only as good as the person applying it. At Airbrush Tans at Ann's, airbrushing is all we do so experience really does make the difference with us.

Airbrush Tanning Benefits

  • Natural-looking tan
  • No orange tones
  • No splotches
  • No streaking
  • A safe and healthy tanning alternative
  • De-emphasizes cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins
  • Improves the skin's overall appearance.

"Make sure that whatever salon you choose to trust to do your airbrush tan, that they will tan your hands and feet to match your body.

Some salons stop at the wrists and ankles giving it away that you don't have a sun tan. Make sure you don't have white hands or feet!"


Would you like to darken up your fading airbrush tan at home? You can keep your airbrush tan lasting longer with our rejuvenation spray mist extender/self tanner which is an amazing touch up spray mist!

Going on vacation and want to keep your airbrush as smooth and dark as the first day? You can darken up with the same DHA/Erythrulose formula used for your airbrush tan in minutes! This ultra light spray mist attaches itself like a magnet to your already applied airbrush tan. It "finds" and fills your tan to make it look fresh and newly sun-kissed. Available in limited quantity with your airbrush tan at $34.*